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Estudio Jurídico GMG is a well-established law firm that offers customised legal services for investing in Spain. We specialize in residency permits, by purchasing all types of real estate properties. We guide our international clients throughout the transaction process and all the legal and tax implications with the utmost professionalism and strictest discretion.

We value a long-term relationship with our clients, we listen carefully to your requirements, giving advice that will serve you. After years of experience working with international clients, we understand your needs intimately. We have continually improved our methods to respond to these needs. Our qualified professionals and reliable services have led us to excel in our business and maintain our clients’ trust.

Our offices located in Madrid and Barcelona and a global network of teams in China, Russia, Indonesia, Columbia, Ecuador and Venezuela are essential to the growth of our business. This international breadth gives us a great understanding of clients’ needs and requirements when investing in Spain.


  •  Market analysis
  •  Due diligence
  •  Contract preparation
  •  Bank account opening
  •  Golden Visa and residency permit application
  •  VIP expatriate service

"A company with a client-centric approach and highly qualified staff will provide you the best guarantees on your investment."

Golden Visa Application

Law firm specialized in residency-by-investment

What services do we offer?

Estudio Jurídico GMG offers a combined golden visa service to perform all the legal work involved in the property purchase as well as the work to obtain residency in Spain. Our specialist consultants have a vast knowledge of the Spanish Golden Visa programme, they understand the complexity of the property markets and the global context surrounding foreign investment and property purchasing. Our multilingual team speaks Spanish, English, Russian and Chinese.

Invest from €500,000 in Spanish real estate, if you meet all the legal requirements, we will help you obtain the Spanish Golden Visa, which provides a flexible residency option. At a later stage, we will apply for the residency permit for you and your direct family members.

VIP expatriate service

If you need our help settling in Spain, we have a range of additional services at your disposal: activating supplies, school enrollment, personal shopping, interpretation... Find out more.

It’s a new type of residence visa, established by the Law 14/2013, aimed at non-resident foreigners who want to enter Spanish territory in order to carry out a significant capital investment.
This law enables non-EU nationals to get qualified residency permits in return for investing in Spanish real estate (and other assets), leading to long-term residency in Spain if certain conditions are fulfilled.
The Golden Visa allows investors to stay in Spain for one year. Once this period is expired, a residency permit can be requested for a period of two years, renewable as long as the investment and the rest of requirements are complied.
The investor can bring along his or her spouse or common-law partner and children under 18, as well as children over 18 years of age and parents, when economically dependent on the visa holder. The visas for the family members are identical to the investor’s and can be obtained at the same time or later, whatever is more convenient.
Each investor must purchase at least €500.000 in real estate
Yes, we can guide you through them.

We have long-standing expertise in residency-by-investment since the law was approved in 2013, with over 300 successful cases.

Golden Visa in 3 steps

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